Friday, October 02, 2009

Around Our House: Clean that Toilet!

Best Toilet Cleaner EVER!!!!

Ok so this might not excite most as much as it does me, BUT, I have discovered the best toilet cleaner ever.

With two small children who refuse to flush or sleep through a flushing toilet, our toilet can get some pretty gross stains. I hate using harsh chemical cleaners, both environmentally, and because I am afraid the kids will get some on them if they use the toilet while I am waiting for the cleaner to work. But nothing makes me sadder than a nasty stink potty. SO here is my technique for perfectly clean potties.

Turn off the water at the valve. Flush the stool. If the water level is low then you are good to go. I often have to don some rubber gloves and scoop out a little of the excess water. Pour about a third of a gallon of distilled white vinegar and allow to sit for an hour. Using a toilet brush, scrub away the yuck. For super stubborn stains, I have let it sit for another hour and then gone at it again. If you are REALLY brave and need to hurry the process, a Mr Clean magic eraser will take it right off. Like Magic. Turn your water back on and flush away all your troubles.

For stinky toilets that just need freshening, pour a half a cup of Borax (found in the laundry aisle) and swish with a brush. Allow to sit for an hour (or overnight).

Note that if you pour vinegar and borax in the toilet together, you may create a volcano. Borax is similar to baking soda.