Thursday, January 13, 2011

Etsy Favorites: What Santa Brought

It is one thing to believe in buying handmade, it is another to actually do so. This year I made it my goal to get at least 75% of our presents handmade. The other 25% were books, a couple of movies, and a few games. My customers are so good to me, I try to spread the love out as much as I can. Here are some of the great items we scored on Etsy this year!

You may see Scott out wearing this fantastic Tshirt. It is from Billyyy.

The girls got a chicken dinner, pumpkin pie, AND witches brew from Mudpie Kids.

This little guy lives on Sylvia's bed now. We bought it from Cuore.

We got one of each for the girls. Purchased from Sweet Bonny.

Stuffed this baby in Scott's stocking. Bought it from Nowvember, home of the amazing rainbow vomiting cat journals.

Buck Yeah poster for the man in my life from Mixed Species. LOVE this shop.

Hers and hers superhero capes from Baby Pop. Now in addition to playing Wild West they can play Wild West plus Superheros.

I bought two of these cuties for my girls from Tokyo Inspired. They arrived gift wrapped in Japanese paper which helped proliferate the whole Santa thing.

Purchased from Timberps for my step-brother. He predicts this will add a whole new level to the "wood" jokes in shop class.

Purchased from Arizona Dreams for Sylvia after being told that she would no longer have bad dreams if only we'd buy her a dreamcatcher. These were the nicest ones we saw on Etsy.

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QuiltieComments said...

Cool gifts, good for you...go handmade!!

Your way is a tad easier than my making most of the gifts myself in the last week before Christmas. Maybe I'll do your way next year, shopping on etsy is soooo fun!!