Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Gadget: Twist and Sparkle

Sparkle baby! Sparkle! In just a minute, I will be enjoying a glass of sparkling Raspberry Mint water.

My husband got me a Isi Twist and Sparkle for Christmas, and it is fantastic. I have a raging La Croix habit, and can easily go through 3-4 cans a day. I like the Twist and Sparkle because I can use it to create fresh fruit infused sparkling water, and I can make a bottle when I want (no more late night trips to the store to buy a warm case of La Croix).

To keep a stash on hand, each day I prepare two bottle of fruit water. I have tried fresh pineapple, oranges, clementines, mixed berry, and raspberry. This time of year, oranges and clementines are abundant, so I have been favoring those, but I also like to use frozen raspberries with a little dried mint from last summer's garden. I put in about 1/2 an orange or a small handful of raspberries with water (i use our tap water, but you could go all fancy and use filtered water). I let the bottle chill in the fridge until I am ready to fizz it up. The fizz lasts best for a few hours (I have no problem drinking 4 cups of infused water in just a few hours). It will keep overnight, but it is not as fizzy.

I think next I will try infused cucumber water, and some classic lemon lime.

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