Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gardening. Ugh. I hate the weeding but love the harvest. Ah well. We just gave the tomatoes a layer of newspaper and compost and forced their unhappy souls into tomato cages.

We picked out first "june bearing" strawberry today. If I didn't have children, I could tell you how it tasted... Looks like I may get one soon.

We've got three mysterious pole bean black holes. No matter what I plant there, they won't grow. I may have to give in and let one of the volunteer tomatoes take over. Our damn okra won't go either... Guess my thumb isn't yet green enough.

Scott is out here right now erecting our bean tee pees. I am admittedly pretty excited. Although, I have a feeling hunkering down amidst bean plants and all of the pollinating pals may not really float my boat anymore. The kiddos will probably like it.

I froze about 2 quarts of rhubarb. I've already made two batches of Rhubarb Jam. We have one frozen apple pie left from last fall's apple extravaganza. (see kiddos sitting in the harvest). And about fifteen jars of Apple Butter... I am excited for the tomatoes. We finally finished all of the tomato chutney and canned toms, and we have nearly eaten all of the sun dried cherry tomatoes.

Grow Baby Grow...

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