Monday, March 01, 2010

Around Our House: Painting Painting Painting

Well we could wait no longer for fresh spring breezes, we had to start painting my husband's man cave yesterday. He chose Toasted Pumpkin by Behr for the color. Yes. I let him pick the color. This is how you know I love him. We bought Behr's low VOC paint that is supposed to be paint and primer in one, but I have to say that IF they ever do truly make a one coat paint I do not think it will be in my lifetime. Painting over the bright sky blue with orange is definitely a two coat job.

I suppose it was probably less fumy, but it was still too much for my sensitive head. If we had been able to open the windows, it would have been more tolerable. Today the room smells a little "painty", but not too bad. We will however wait until spring to do the girls' room.

Here are some cute pics of our girls "helping". They like to paint for about ten to fifteen minutes and then they are done and will let us get to work.

The girls hard at work.

My step-brother Josh came over to help. I had him prime over our tree, since it broke my heart to do it (Sylvia and I painted it together when she was 3).

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